Saturday, August 18, 2012

POS checkout system

A checkout system in POS generally invokes :
  1. Computer hardware
  2. Computer software
  3. Checkout hardware
  4. Checkout software
  5. Miscellaneous store hardware
Due to increase in expense with POS system, the eBay guide had recommended that if annual revenue exceeds the threshold of $700,000, investment in a POS system will be advantageous.

POS systems are manufactured and serviced by Fujitsu, IBM, MICROS Systems, Panasonic, Radiant Systems, Squirrel Systems and Microinvest.

Generally Point of sales systems in restaurant are operated on DOS, Windows or Unix environments. They use a variety of physical layer protocols, though Ethernet is currently the preferred system.

Checkout hardware generally includes a credit card reader, a receipt printer, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, and a PIN pad with integrated card swipe.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inventory POS system – Save your time and money

Managing your inventory system is one of the most tedious and time consuming part in your business life. POS Inventory software can able to reduce your inventory costs.

 This kind of software can instantly show you which items are not in move. This allows you to cut down on the number of items you have to send to clearance to move them out of the store.

This software helps to show your top sellers. It automatically creates purchase orders based on sales history. This tracks your seasonal items, so that you can able to deduct how much inventory to buy.

Inventory POS software saves your time as well as money. This software shows where you are over-stocked and under-stocked. To get the same snap shot from your manual system, you need to spend hours or days on the project.

This software allows you to squeeze the most profit from your business. But it’s hard to tell how much your profits will increase when you invest in inventory software, but most of the companies see significant benefits.
These are the some of the benefits of inventory POS software, so that you may be wondering how to choose a good point of sale and inventory system.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Effective POS Gift Registries

Running a specialty niche store contains many businesses advantages. They contains only minimum competition,to buy conversions highly, and smaller inventory count. Niche stores contains less foot traffic, attracting a regular clientele, but shows only small percentage of growth.

How can a retail store capitalize even further on existing customer base?

To solve this problem provide the gift that keeps on giving. In this case of, gift registries.

Gift registries helps to allow customers to log products as their own wish, but that are not purchased immediately. These registries, especially handy for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other significant events, are passed around to a slew of friends and family members.

The creates an impression effectively on secondary branch of customers who might have no interest in the specialty store’s products. These customers can then become repeat buyers as they become familiar with your existing customer’s wants or needs.

Gift registry systems are sophisticated for POS, that allows customers to browse the store with a scanner and zapping the products that they are interested in. Other system are more simple, just they can add items via a touch screen monitor or even just ask the clerk or salesperson to add them to their customer profile.

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Point of sale - Increases Your Sales Portability

A point of sale system (POS) are portable and can be a great way to improve your business. This allows you to ring up your sales from anywhere, inside your store or on the road. While using inside the store it can dramatically reduce the size of lines and capitalize on store real estate.
The most important things to consider before purchasing a Portable POS is whether your current pos system will work seamlessly with the POS that you get.
For larger retail stores and restaurants, it makes sense to have portable options for your point of sale system. Using wireless handheld devices, networked notebook pcs, and other such devices are handy that allows employees to roam the stores and check inventory and pricing from any location inside the store.
If you think that you are spending too much time running back from POS terminal, you can incorporate wireless modules. The portability will not only save time, but also able to press upon immediately the customer the scope of price and availability. No more running back to shipping and receiving to find out when out of stock items are due to come in.
It also increases the efficiency for personnel in shipping and receiving. A scanner attached to the portable data terminal will allow them to quickly verify tracking numbers or ad delivery status, as well as enter incoming products into the inventory.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Key benefits of POS in Retail stores

Retail Point of Sales is defined as the system that records all the financial transactions in stores. This system includes a computer, monitor, cash register systems, touch-screen display, printer, magnetic stripe readers, customer display and a bar code scanner. More and more system monitors use touch-screen technology for ease of use and a computer is built in to the monitor chassis.

 1. Provides a profit:

      • Can use the data on the best selling items
      • Focuses on higher-margin items
2. Saves your valuable time:

      • It reduces your time of work in doing of inventory and paperwork
      • Makes checkout faster

3. Improves productivity:

      • Eliminates duplicate entry of orders
      • Automatically calculate and creates restocking orders
      • Control track orders, prepayments, invoices, and cash payments

4. Manages employees:

      • Records the amount of hours worked by the employees
      • Integrates the table of employees for each department

5. Prints labels and posters:

      • Print labels for store products or for external batches
      • Create labels by sub-department

Benefits for your Customers:

Improves your customer relationships:

      • By offering gift cards and certificates
      • By allowing returns and exchanges at any location
      • By using printable coupons

Benefits for your Employees:

      • Tracks your staff performance
      •Stores and retrieves contact information
      • Access control

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to defeat market using POS system

In order to attack your market efficiently with POS system you will need the best POS software and POS product available.POS systems are used in various business industries. Main industries are: Restaurant industry, Hotel industry, Hair and Beauty industry, Retail industry and Hardware industry.

Restaurant Industry:

The POS software of this industry run on the restaurant computers and tills. This can be of stationed touch screen devices or wireless handheld devices. Main purpose of this to use in restaurant is to assist business, track transactions in real time, print orders, follow up orders, print customer bills, process payments and run different business reports.

Hotel Industry:

Point of Sale systems are usually integrated with Hotel Management System in hotel industry. These are used to follow and transfer customer orders from restaurant to the customer room.

Hair and Beauty Industry:

In this type of industry POS are used for control and increase in business efficiency. Through it can create performance reports like appointments, client database, employee working roster and checkouts.

Retail Industry:

These industries are one of the largest users Point of Sale systems. POS system in Retail industry includes computer, monitor cash drawer, credit/debit card readers, receipt printer, customer display and barcode-scanner. Point of Sale systems are used in retail from every day stores to fashion outlets .

Hardware Industry:

This includes Hardware Stores, Timber Yards and Building Supply Stores. It uses specialized POS software, which handles Special Orders, Purchase Orders, Repair Orders, Service Orders and Rental Orders. This industry prefers wireless hand held POS devices.

As a customer you must choose user friendly POS software in order to increase efficiency of your business and improve speed of your service. The POS system mainly provides:

    control of your business
    Delivery of a customer service
    Increase in your business revenue
    Reduce training time

If you achieve all the points then you are on the right path of success.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ways to install Point of sale in Network mode

In the Server:
  • SQL Standard Version has to be installed and started. 
  • Install the Pre Requisites (see Q3 for details)
  • Check up in the SQL Enterprise manager, whether the old Counter or IPO databases are present, if so delete them.
  • Check up in the Add Remove programs, whether old point of sale Server version exists, if so remove it.
  • Check up in the rot of the hard disk, whether any LDF or MDF file of Counter or IPO is present, if so delete them. This check has to done only after checking the SQL Enterprise manager for old Counter and IPO DB and deleting them if exists.
  • Check up in Program files folder of the drives whether old point of sale server folder exists, if so delete it.
  • Install the Server Component –note down the path where it is installed.
  • After installation – share the path. Under Permissions - add the required user with full powers. 
In the Client:
  • Confirm that the SQL in the server is running
  • Confirm that the Network link is proper
  • Confirm that you have logged in as user with full rights (or as a power user).
  • Install the SQL Client component
  • Install the Pre Requisites
  • Check up in the Add Remove programs, whether old point of sale client version exists, if so remove it.
  • Find or search for poin*.cab file in Windows or System or System32 folder. If found, delete it.
  • Check up in the Program Files folder of the drive, whether the old installation folder - ie., Meghdoot Millennium Point Of Sale exists, if so , delete the folder.
  • Install the Client Component and then configure. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Features of POS syatem

The following are the some of the advanced features of Point of sales system(POS)
  • It helps to save the time on key business tasks.
  • Using inventory tracking syatems it cuts the costs efficiently.
Manage Your Inventory

  • Point of Sale systems provides inventory with sale, order, or return for every time
  • Using automatic purchase order it keeps the items in the stock
  • Saves time and money by providing what you need
Keep Your Customers Happy

  • It easily tracks the purchase history by customer so that you can know them and their needs
  • Tracks and rewards the customers automatically by personalized rewards program in Point of Sale
Simplify your everyday tasks

  • It helps in simplying of your life such as selling to bookkeeping, fast and easy.
  • you and your employees can ring sales quickly and can able to keep in moving
  • Barcode scanner can be used to make transactions even faster and reduce errors
  • You can figure out how well the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly.
  • You can also maintain a sales history in order to adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends.
  • You can also improve your pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorization

Advantages of touch screen POS system


The transactions can be made with high speed by using the touch screen POS system, which in turn leads to productivity.This touch screen POS system can process you more sales in a shorter amount of time .

User Friendly

This system is user friendly because you can easily teach your employees how to use this system. Even if they are not very familiar with standard computer entry systems, with the touch screen system, they can learn easily with a short duration of time.

Very Precise

These are ideal for fast food restaurants. The staff can quickly and easily enter the orders of a customer as soon as the customer walks up to the register.The customer's order is immediately relayed on to the monitors in the back room where a team quickly view and fill out the orders.

Types and Sizes of a touch screen POS system:

There are lots of different brands to choose the POS system. You will find out that there are CRT and LCD touch screen monitors out there with different sizes . The touch screen POS monitors include:

  1. 15 inch screens
  2. 17 inch touch screen panel
  3. 19 inch
The CRT monitors are known for their durability and the LCD monitors are popular for their space saving feature.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Significance of POS in liquor store

The main concern of liquor stores are fast checkout, inventory control and age verification. This cash register helps them to address these concerns by various inventory tools that help a liquor store ring up a customer speedily, track inventory and ensure cashiers are checking a customer’s ID upon purchase.

Fast Checkout:

The products are scanned out by the bar codes.The products without  bar code can be transacted by touching a button for that item on the screen. Credit or debit card can get transacted by simply swiping the card by the cashier and it is processed in as little as two seconds.

Inventory Control:

Point of sale system(POS) includes inventory tracking system in order to help a owner to track the stock levels, best and worst selling products, theft and overall inventory management. Each and every item sold will be automatically deducted from the store’s inventory stock levels. Use point of sale system(POS) and make managing inventory easier by using Pocket Inventory mobile inventory tracking software. By this you can track inventory, process deliveries, and create purchase orders away from the counter.

Age Verification:

This age verification capabilities are built with the use of a specialized bar code scanner in the liquor store POS. The items can be marked as age sensitive products by checking the ID by the cashier. When the item is scanned, the cashier is prompted to scan the customer’s license, at which point the POS system will verify if the customer is old enough to purchase the product.

Automate your retail store with POS

Cash Register is a retail point of sale system that increases efficiency and accuracy, decreases the operating costs, and hence manages your inventory. The retail POS includes inventory tracking, credit card processing, cash management, customer loyalty, employee time clock and labor scheduling, and a detailed reporting interface in order to help the retailers make smarter business decisions.

The POS system are easy to use and enables the cashiers to increase their sales fastly. The sales and specialty pricing are calculated automatically by the POS. This makes transaction of costs faster and payment by credit and gift card is as simple as swiping the card.

Reduces the theft in your Stores by tracking inventory:

Inventory control is a key component for all retail store and causes profit margins and overall success. Inventory tracking capabilities details the list of products that sells and identifies the stolen or missing items. The integrated purchasing tracks vendor lists, manages cost of items and generate and receive purchase orders.

Secures your Retail Business:

POS includes multiple theft prevention features that introduces accountability to your employees. The discounts, no-sales, voids, and price changes can be accessed based on employee’s unique login ID . Potential theft or wrongdoing can be identified. Identifies cash discrepancies down to the shift or the cashier. A camera security system can be connected to your retail POS to enhance the accountability of your employees and security of your store.

Reporting and Back Office:

Retailers wastes their time by calculating profits, expenses and payroll in order to run their business.These built-in tools in POS helps the retailers streamline administrative tasks and manage their retail stores more efficiently.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

POS terminal for your restuarnts

In order to improve the efficiency of the restaurant,the POS system provides all the tools you need right at your hands. It is as much easy as possible to get customized system with the number of POS terminals you need to handle your customers as well as the other functions you to do. These systems are much more versatile that the typical restaurant POS cash register.

POS system can able to do many things with your business. You can take customers' orders, perform high-speed credit card transactions, track inventory, order supplies, manage labor, and implement programs that are specific to your business.

The POS Terminals can also serve some different purposes in your restaurant. customize your system according to the POS terminals in different locations so that you can perform the transactions needed at each and every location. The POS Software is the primary key to set up the system and hence it is easy to use and will store every bit of the information that you need within a system.

There are different types of POS Terminals that you can choose according to your comfortable. Your POS terminals are just a part of the system that you will install in your restaurant business. Go online to find out more and download your POS software demo to see what their programs are like.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Smooth the Progress of your Business with Touch Screen Monitors

One of the greatest inventions of mankind is business. It has allowed us to create societies and civilizations and we co-exist in harmony exchanging value for products for day to day survival. As per business prospective, the only biggest aim of most businesses is to earn profits on a long time basis. And our world has quickened ever since technology and robotics took control of handling tasks while we just have to sit down and monitor the functioning of such Pos systems. It is because of this pace, life has become much simpler to live while the logistics of how it has all been done is complicated.

POS or otherwise known as point of sales system is an equipment used in businesses front end part. Like a super market such as its billing counter. Now billing can be done by just touching the particular product name in the POS touch screen.

You need not take the efforts to type for the product and find its name from the database. POS with touch screen has quickened billing process making it much easier for you to run your supermarket and handle many customers simultaneously. It is the future of technology where it is believed that every electronic or computing device are going to be incorporated with touch screen facilities in order to incorporate more ease of use making it user friendly. Already you have mobile phones coming with touch screen facilities.

However, you need to buy a quality system in order to make use of it for a long time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Five Ws About Point of Sales

Five Ws is generally called as basic information gathering process and simply to say it is one of the techniques to get full story on something. In that aspect let us see proceed five ws about point of sales in this way.

What is called as Point of Sales?
                                                       It is generally a checkout place or location where most of the business transaction occurs. It is a terminal in which the selling process of a business takes place. It is also called as point of purchase.

Why point of sales supplies is so essential?
                                                                            For any business proper supplies is essential and particularly if you are running a retail business you should equip your point of sales terminal with proper pos supplies since they can get what you need and make you so convenient to proceed your business with ease. It is one of the tools that makes your customer transaction so easy and also make their billing process so easy.

When point of sales terminal gets the complete look?
                                                                                         A point of sales terminal gets the complete look when it is equipped with pos products like barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and MagStripe readers, customer displays, all in one touch pc, barcode scanners and more. Even any of this single pos equipment is not available, and then it won’t get the complete look.

Where to get the best pos equipments?
                                                                   Due to the advent of technology, there are more number of pos products available and it is best to get all these equipments in a single place. There are many pos suppliers in the market and find the best pos dealers or suppliers who can supply you quality products with industry best price.

Who Invented Point of Sales?
                                                  In 1879, the Ritty brothers patented their invention as "Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier," or, as we know it today, the cash register. In 1992 Martin Goodwin and Bob Henry created the first point of sale software that could run on the Microsoft Windows platform named IT Retail.

Monday, January 23, 2012

No More SOPA - Android Barcode Scanner

Students at the university of British Columbia founded a free android application that allows user to any product’s barcode and determine if it was made by a company that officially supports SOPA, or even a parent company or subsidiary of a SOPA supporter. This Barcode scanner application uses a public UPC database to find a product’s manufacturer, then queries a remote server to compare the manufacturer with a list of 800 firms with lobbying ties to the bill. Chris Thompson, one of the students who created No More SOPA, says he hopes the program could help solidify the widespread anger around SOPA, which aims to block access to foreign copyright-infringing websites, into well-defined boycotts of the companies who have pushed the bill, from Adidas to Xerox to Walmart to Dow Chemical. “These companies think they’ll make more money with SOPA than without it,” says 20-year old Thompson. “If they realize they’re costing themselves more consumers than they’ll gain, they’ll be less inclined to go forward with that support.”

Though No More SOPA is still being tweaked–Thompson admits it currently can’t give a definitive answer to whether about 40% of products have SOPA ties–it’s already been downloaded more than 2,000 times since it hit the Android market late last week, and Thompson says that rate is quickly accelerating. The next upgrade to the app, he says, will tell the user the exact relationship the product has to a SOPA supporting firm, and future versions will allow the user to check on a company’s stance on a wide range of issues, not just SOPA.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Point of Sales equipment Lifts the Purchase at Year End

The build-up retail stores hit the record levels of purchase due to purchase via smart phones. The reason behind this lift is due to proper use of pos equipments at their point of sales. When asked one of the large retail store, they said” the use of point of sale supplies like barcode scanners and more enabled to quickly compare prices and enable to snap the best offer”. Price comparison via smart phone has been growing fast and as a result major retailers are offering barcode scanners as a part of mobile apps.


The largest retailer Amazon has gone one step forward and allowed their smart phone customers to photograph a barcode items and enabled them to check the price against the same item. This let to lot of improvement in the sales. This seems to be a great improvement and also it would be good news for those who have made their point of sales equipped with latest point of sale technologies.