Thursday, May 17, 2012

Advantages of touch screen POS system


The transactions can be made with high speed by using the touch screen POS system, which in turn leads to productivity.This touch screen POS system can process you more sales in a shorter amount of time .

User Friendly

This system is user friendly because you can easily teach your employees how to use this system. Even if they are not very familiar with standard computer entry systems, with the touch screen system, they can learn easily with a short duration of time.

Very Precise

These are ideal for fast food restaurants. The staff can quickly and easily enter the orders of a customer as soon as the customer walks up to the register.The customer's order is immediately relayed on to the monitors in the back room where a team quickly view and fill out the orders.

Types and Sizes of a touch screen POS system:

There are lots of different brands to choose the POS system. You will find out that there are CRT and LCD touch screen monitors out there with different sizes . The touch screen POS monitors include:

  1. 15 inch screens
  2. 17 inch touch screen panel
  3. 19 inch
The CRT monitors are known for their durability and the LCD monitors are popular for their space saving feature.


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