Monday, May 14, 2012

Significance of POS in liquor store

The main concern of liquor stores are fast checkout, inventory control and age verification. This cash register helps them to address these concerns by various inventory tools that help a liquor store ring up a customer speedily, track inventory and ensure cashiers are checking a customer’s ID upon purchase.

Fast Checkout:

The products are scanned out by the bar codes.The products without  bar code can be transacted by touching a button for that item on the screen. Credit or debit card can get transacted by simply swiping the card by the cashier and it is processed in as little as two seconds.

Inventory Control:

Point of sale system(POS) includes inventory tracking system in order to help a owner to track the stock levels, best and worst selling products, theft and overall inventory management. Each and every item sold will be automatically deducted from the store’s inventory stock levels. Use point of sale system(POS) and make managing inventory easier by using Pocket Inventory mobile inventory tracking software. By this you can track inventory, process deliveries, and create purchase orders away from the counter.

Age Verification:

This age verification capabilities are built with the use of a specialized bar code scanner in the liquor store POS. The items can be marked as age sensitive products by checking the ID by the cashier. When the item is scanned, the cashier is prompted to scan the customer’s license, at which point the POS system will verify if the customer is old enough to purchase the product.


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