Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Key benefits of POS in Retail stores

Retail Point of Sales is defined as the system that records all the financial transactions in stores. This system includes a computer, monitor, cash register systems, touch-screen display, printer, magnetic stripe readers, customer display and a bar code scanner. More and more system monitors use touch-screen technology for ease of use and a computer is built in to the monitor chassis.

 1. Provides a profit:

      • Can use the data on the best selling items
      • Focuses on higher-margin items
2. Saves your valuable time:

      • It reduces your time of work in doing of inventory and paperwork
      • Makes checkout faster

3. Improves productivity:

      • Eliminates duplicate entry of orders
      • Automatically calculate and creates restocking orders
      • Control track orders, prepayments, invoices, and cash payments

4. Manages employees:

      • Records the amount of hours worked by the employees
      • Integrates the table of employees for each department

5. Prints labels and posters:

      • Print labels for store products or for external batches
      • Create labels by sub-department

Benefits for your Customers:

Improves your customer relationships:

      • By offering gift cards and certificates
      • By allowing returns and exchanges at any location
      • By using printable coupons

Benefits for your Employees:

      • Tracks your staff performance
      •Stores and retrieves contact information
      • Access control


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