Friday, April 8, 2011

Barcode Scanner Technology

Most people take barcode scanners and barcode readers for granted. It is pretty rare for anyone to think about how a simple sliding of a product across the scanner counter reacts with the name tag and the price of the product appearing on the monitor by just scanning through some weird label and a code that comes along with every product we purchase.

In order to understand how the above mentioned operation works, one definitely needs to understand how barcodes are generated and how they work to identify the product itself.

Barcode is nothing but information in coded form. This coded form is what we call as the barcode and every barcode is unique and it contains details about the particular product. This information is compressed, coded and printed at the back of the product using a special coding language. The scanner on the other hand reads through the bar codes and translates it to the system giving details about the product and its price which normal humans cannot understand or decipher.

This barcode language is also quite easy to understand actually. It is a combination of specific symbols which equals a series of bar lines. These bar lines come in short, long along with varying spaces between them. Every part of the collection of bar lines denotes number of characters depending upon the date the code was actually entered into the barcode software.In general Pos software has made life quicker and comfortable.


  1. the barcode is served to help the sale inventory and product inventory. a special code specific to each identity.

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