Thursday, March 10, 2011

POS Supplies

The retail outlets and other businesses definitely need some useful supplies in their business and the POS supplies are the right supplies that you need in your business transactions.

POS printer

  • The POS printers have various features and it sits next to cash registers and print out the customer receipts.
  • It can print more number of customer receipts and also, with the help of these POS supplies, the vendors can print sales summaries, customer contracts and survey invitations.
  • The POS printer generally uses the designated cable for sending and receiving signal to the cash drawer.
  • Some of the POS printer models come up with cheque slop for reading and processing made by cheques.

Cash register supplies

  • This is the most basic system used in any business and the POS cash drawers are generally used to store credit card receipts, money and other paper works.
  • These cash drawers generally receive a signal from receipt printers or computers and it is as compatible with steady opening and closing.
  • It is controlled by the back office server and programmed to open after designated tasks or digital commands.


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