Monday, March 7, 2011

Bar code Scanner

Barcode scanner is an efficient and accurate way of sales at your checkpoint station. This is the reason to use Barcode scanner in small businesses and for major food chains.

Many POS Software applications have barcode label printing capability. So, you can print labels from inventory items database.

Once you have applied barcode labels to all your selling items, you can ring them up by simply scanning with barcode scanner. You can able to save time and reduce errors.


Categories of Barcode scanners:

Attached Barcode scanner:

  •  The name implies that Barcode scanners were attached to your computer via cable
  • Perfectly suited for checkout counter POS stations
  • Use special Y cable that allows you to share keyboard and barcode scanner on same computer
      Portable Barcode scanner:

    • Portable Barcode scanners are much expensive
    • It allows you to take the scanner to where the items are instead of other way around
    • It consists of small computer, data storage and Barcode scanner integrated into handheld unit

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