Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Receipt printer – an important POS hardware

Receipt printers are needed item for all types of retail stores and restaurants. It allows the customer to keep track of the sales made and print as much information on the receipt as you want. It includes all the item information as well as store contact information and return policies.

Types of receipt printers:

Impact Printers:

Impact receipt printers are also named as Dot-Matrix printers. These printers are less expensive and also flexible. These are resistant to heat and make an ideal choice for use in the kitchen. It can print two ply receipts and two colors (black and white).

Thermal Printers:

They do not use ribbons and pins to print the image. Instead it uses heat to print the images on the paper. These printers do not require you to replace ribbons and also cost less to own and maintain.

Multifunctional printers:
Multifunctional printers are used to carry out many functions apart from printing receipts. These printers are more expensive due to their versatility.

Epson receipt printer provides you the advanced printing solutions. You can able to increase your store efficiency, reduce costs and service your customers better. Epson leads the way in printing innovation.

POSX receipt printer is perfect for high-volume retail and hospitality operations. It features fast image printing and includes the interface cable standard with all models.


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