Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Questions to ask before purchasing POS systems

There are millions different POS systems! The question you're asking yourself now is "which suits your business the best".

Here the question follows:

  • What services does the company offer
  • Is the POS system easily upgraded i.e., one must be confident in purchase of POS terminals and must be able to upgrade as technology changes
  • Does the point of sale systems allows the transaction automatically or one must have to do this manually
  • Is the system supports GUI terminals. Since it will be much easier for employees

  • Make sure the POS system will be well laid out and easy to understand the transactions, payment processing, accounting, marketing etc,

  • Follow some questions to ask about POS software:
    • How easy is it to make changes to the item and employee files? You will need to be able to change prices, items, and employees regularly. So make sure you can comfortably work with the setup interface
    • What type of reports does it produce?
    • Think about your exact business and needs, add your questions that you gathered from the “What Do You Really Need?” for your business

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